• The first Wold Tour, September 2011

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    On September 10, 2011, five folk dance teams got on a big bus and went on a tour of the Wolds. Green Ginger Garland, Green Ginger Morris, Beverley Garland, Grimsby Morris and Tatterfoals (from Scunthorpe) all got together for this inaugural event, and a great time was had by all.

    The first stop was North Newbald at just before 10am, where a few villagers were up early enough to see the spectacle.

    Then it was on to Lund, and there was an actual audience this time. Not only that, but the enterprising folks at the Wellington Inn had laid on a refreshments stall. The sun made an appearance and the people of Lund seemed genuinely pleased to see us, including the adorable and highly photogenic kids.

    Our third stop was Huggate, and the Wolds Inn. For most people this meant beer o’clock, as it was approaching midday. Again a handful of bemused villagers turned out, and apart from dodging the odd 4×4 and pesky wasps, this was also a good gathering.

    We stopped in Driffield for lunch. Seeing as we weren’t dancing there, the good folk of Driffield must have thought it slightly bizarre as a ragged collection of bells-and-breeches-wearing Morris dancers, smock-wearing ladies and assorted fools stepped off a coach and split off in all directions to find sustenance…

    They all trooped back on the bus for the next stop, Bishop Burton. By this time the wind was getting up a bit, but again a few locals turned out and enjoyed the dancing. Finally, we rolled up at the Green Man in Welton, a familiar haunt for those of us based north of the Humber. Highlights were the double Whitby Shindig performed by Green Ginger Garland and Tatterfoals (which nearly had those at the back falling into the road), and the massed Bonnie Green Garters to round it all off.

    It certainly looks like this will happen again – and if it does, we can only hope the weather treats us so well again. Had it rained all day, there would have been no dancing and it would have been more of a Wolds pub crawl.

    Hang on… that may not have been so bad after all…

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